Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Playing Ketchup

Ok, so it's been a while and I'm a slacker. First off we have Kes and Jip En Janneke flags. I'm working on a submission for Stuff on My Cat and I think I have it here. This is only one in the series- I built a whole flag perimeter around her.

The next photo is the tower at Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden, CT. This was a great hike and a great three story tower as a reward.

Next we have a toad and a frog that I came upon during our hike to the tower.

Sleeping Giant State Park was the site of a quarry and the next photo is the 'ruins' of the buildings that once stood here. It's hard to figure out what the purpose was of some of the buildings because there isn't much left.

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